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Software Engineering Services

Engineering Expertise

The Rebel AI engineering team has decades of experience building highly scaled advertising and engineering platforms. We work with select clients to help take their product vision from roadmap to completion. A few of the engineering projects we have worked on include:

Data Platforms

Ad Servers

Inventory Management Platforms

Custom Bidders

Cookie Synching Platforms

Campaign Management Platforms

OTT/Connected TV Integrations

Analytics & Visualization Platforms

Open-Source Solutions

We use the latest open-source software solutions to ensure you have the most advanced, flexible options for your platforms, such as:

UI Development: Angular 7, React

Visualization Libraries: D3, AMCharts, HighCharts

Languages: Java, Python, or what works best for your development team

Advertising Specifications: OpenRTB 3, VAST 4, VPaid, VPaidJS, MRAID, Prebid.

Infrastructure: Terraform, Puppet/Hiera

NoSQL: Druid, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Aerospike

Big Data Pipeline: Cascading, Spark, Hadoop, Tez, Hive, Kafka

Relational Data Stores: MySQL/Percona, Postgres

What It Costs

We always charge on a per-project basis, so you know exactly what you're getting. This gives our clients the confidence to know exactly what to expect based on their individual needs. Many of our projects start with a roadmap or consulting engagement to fully understand our clients needs and put together the most efficient engineering plan.

Data Platforms

We build big data management, attribution, and analytics platforms with the most advanced open-source software solutions, letting you analyze billions of data points.


We pair data management platforms with modern visualization libraries and web frameworks to uncover the information that matters most to your business.

Advertising Platforms

We create scalable, industry-leading programmatic advertising platforms. Whether you need a buying platform, supply-side platform, or data management platform, we have you covered.


We manage our platforms using “Infrastructure as Code,” enabling you to host your platform with any cloud vendor. We programmatically build and deploy infrastructure.

Data Security

We deploy software using modern CI/CD tools to deploy, manage, and maintain uptime and reliability.