Path Results

Below is your custom Path Analysis with the following reports:

  • Interactive Path Report. Zoom in on the graph to follow the pixels, JavaScript, and other elements being dropped on a URL, and who is dropping them. Monitor data leakage and unapproved technology on your site. Click each node to see the data path, and double-click any node to get more details about each technology. 
  • Slowest Request Load Time Per Domain. See what technology providers are taking the most time to load and slowing down your site.

  • Slowest Request Load Time Per Top Level Domain. Monitor the slowest providers by top level domain.
  • Cookie Count By Domain. Understand which technology partners are collecting data on your page. 
  • Requests by Category. See the breakdown between services and technologies being called on the page–from advertising to site analytics. Hover over the graph to see the exact amount of requests per category.

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Click a node to see the full path. Double-click a node  to see its full URL and page load time. 

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