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Bidders Must Value Brand for Publisher Alliances to Succeed

CEO Manny Puentes talks about the need for bidders to value quality inventory sources.

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Event: IAB Tech Lab Blockchain in Advertising

Join Industry Index, Rebel AI and other digital leaders for lively discussion about blockchain in the digital advertising world in New York City.

Event: IAB Tech Lab Blockchain in Advertising

Join IAB Tech Lab and Rebel AI for introduction to blockchain and its application to digital advertising with a panel of experts, including CEO Manny Puentes.

Rebel AI featured in WARC’s Blockchain Trend Snapshot

In a recent report on advertising trends, WARC interviewed Rebel AI CEO Manny Puentes, who talked about the potential of blockchain to make a safer and more efficient marketplace.


Allen Fordham talks to TODAY the new GI bill & technology careers

The new “Forever G.I.” bill provides expanded benefits for America’s servicemembers and veterans. Rebel AI’s Product Engineer Allen Fordham talks with TODAY about his experience with Galvanize.

Ads.Txt: The Right Solution?

The latest initiative from the IAB will eliminate many companies in the ecosystem. Is that a good thing for the industry?

In the News: Rebel AI Talks Blockchain

Rebel AI talks with top industry publications about blockchain and how it may be used to transform digital advertising.

Event: The Future of Media & Technology

Join Rebel AI CEO Manny Puentes as he discusses the evolution of media and online advertising with industry experts.

What Blockchain Can (and Can't) Solve for Ad Tech

Blockchain has plenty of useful applications in advertising, but it will still be a few years before it reaches the scale and speed needed to be effective in programmatic advertising. Here’s how it can and can’t be used.


Chase Reduces Advertising to 5000 Sites and Sees Same Results

After doing a manual human audit of the sites they were appearing on, J.P. Morgan Chase went from advertising on 400,000 sites to just 5,000 sites and saw the same results. But will whitelisting be enough to protect their spend?

Why Publisher's Digital Identity is More Important Than Ever

Rebel AI CEO Manny Puentes shares how Methbot fraud hurts publishers by skewing the data that buying algorithms use to make their purchasing decisions.

“Methbot” Exposes the Scale of Ad Delivery Fraud

Methbot was found spoofing more than 6,000 domains to look like,, and other premium domains that typically command $10+ CPMs for their video inventory. The operation has been so successful that the WhiteOps report estimates the hijackers are making $3 to $5 million in revenue per day.