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This article was originally published on AdExchanger Few technologies are riding as high on the hype curve right now as blockchain. With its distributed nature, smart contract functionality and security features, it’s been heralded as the latest savior to ad tech’s admitted transparency problems. Though the underlying technology is complex, blockchain is straightforward in concept. It’s a specialized, distributed database that contains an ever-growing list

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. The ad tech LUMAscape has long been contracting, but one categorical staple of the cluttered landscape is now in danger of disappearing entirely. The supply-side platform (SSP) was once the only way for a publisher to access the open auction engine and connect to demand-side platforms (DSPs). But SSPs haven't been evolving fast enough to

This article was originally published on AdExchanger. As innovative as the invention of the automobile was on its own, cars didn’t become commonplace until the assembly line and nationwide gas stations made it easier for everyone to own one. In the same way, blockchain won’t transform the advertising industry and bring its promised transparency until the necessary organization and infrastructure is in