Event: NYC Blockchain Roundtable

Join leaders from Industry Index, Rebel AI, Hearst, Group M as they discuss how blockchain can be applied to advertising, what technologies are emerging, and what still stands in the way.

Read This & You Can Stop Pretending You Understand Blockchain

Issues from third-party measurement & ad fraud to viewability & fake news sites have the digital media industry in need of better tools to legitimize the spend.

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What Blockchain Can (and Can't) Solve for Ad Tech

Blockchain has the potential to help aspects of advertising, but here’s what industry insiders need to know about the technology today.

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The Marketer's Guide to Blockchain

CEO Manny Puentes talked to AdExchanger about the potential for blockchain to transform advertising.

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The Blockchain Gang

AdExchanger illustrates the latest Rebels in digital advertising.

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Why Blockchain Faces an Uphill Battle in Fixing Ad Tech’s Transparency Problems

Blockchain still has its battles to fight as it matures as a technology. Rebel AI weighs in on the challenges blockchain faces in becoming a standard in advertising.

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Event: IAB Tech Lab Blockchain in Advertising

Join IAB Tech Lab and Rebel AI for introduction to blockchain and its application to digital advertising with a panel of experts, including CEO Manny Puentes.