Product Developer

Allen Fordham

Allen Fordham has seven years of experience coordinating media and public information campaigns for US Army Special Operations. He served as a process and PR consultant to high-level foreign military officers in Afghanistan. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Colorado in Boulder and studied full stack web development at Galvanize in Golden Triangle in Denver.

Favorite Rebel

Benjamin Franklin. Politician, publisher, firefighter, traveler, inventor, and polymath. He mapped and named the Gulf Stream, conducted experiments on electricity, and co-founded the second hospital in the American Colonies. Franklin understood the most modern and esoteric political philosophy of his day and put it into terms that the average citizen could understand. He strongly believed that the best decisions can only be made when everybody has access to accurate information, and as the nation’s first Postmaster General he laid the groundwork for the open exchange of ideas and information that would become one of the cornerstones of the United States