Introducing a Blockchain That Works for Advertising

We secure brand spend for advertisers and protect publisher identity by bringing the fundamentals of blockchain to advertising. Our solution is based on specific blockchain components, including identity, consensus, and currency.



Identity will define the future of advertising. Our patent-pending technology creates a unique, immutable identity for every publisher, completely eliminating domain spoofing, and creating the wallets that will facilitate the future of media trading.



Our distributed ledger brings a new transparency and new auditability to the advertising market. Our technology maintains an open market while still ensuring secure delivery for every impression.



We believe the advertising industry needs to become comfortable with other core components of blockchain before they will transact with cryptocurrency. You don’t have to buy our tokens or convert dollars to crypto to work with us today.

Visualize the Data Supply Chain

See exactly what technology and data partners exist on a page and monitor unauthorized data collectors

Understand the digital data supply chain with Path by Rebel AI. Enter any URL to get your free detailed analysis on what data pixels are being dropped and who is dropping them on your site.

  • Identify the paths of every content request, ad call, and redirect on a single website page load.
  • Get real transparency into the data pixels, Javascript, and cookie data collected by SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and all of the other intermediaries in the advertising supply chain.
  • Visualize the flow and provenance of data and identify unintended vendors adding code to your site or ad creative, and other activities that impact site and ad creative performance.

Meet Passport

By protecting publisher identity, our cryptographic solution prevents advertisers from displaying an impression on a spoofed domain again.

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